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'look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby' (1976)

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Starring: Stephen McHattie, Patty Duke, George Maharis, Broderick Crawford, Ruth Gordon, Ray Milland, and Tina Louise.

Directed by: Sam O’Steen.

Released: October 29th, 1976.

Well, to further conclude the title of the film: They made a sequel, that’s what’s happened to ‘Rosemary’s Baby’. “Look What’s Happened to Rosemary’s Baby” is a made-for-TV sequel that is divided into three chapters, this sequel has very little to do with the book sequel by Ira Levin. When the film begins its first chapter (titled “The Book of Rosemary”), it’s already been eight years since the first film and Rosemary’s baby boy, Adrian, is now a little kid. As the coven prepares for a ritual, Rosemary takes Adrian away from them and is now on the run as the evil coven make use of their powers in order to find her, including some of her personal possessions. 

After hiding for sometime in a church, Rosemary takes Adrian to a bus stop where she tries to phone Guy for help, not knowing that he’s already sworn to help the evil coven. Meanwhile, Adrian gets into some trouble with a couple of kids in the area who begin picking on him. A hooker named Marjean sees the whole incident and offers them shelter in her trailer. But it turns out that Marjean is also friends with the Satanic coven, she ends up re-obtaining Adrian while Rosemary finds herself trapped on an empty cross-country bus with no driver, never to be seen again (at least in the film).

Then begins the second chapter of the story, “The Book of Adrian”. Adrian is now a handsome twenty-something bad boy who is still unaware of his true identity… Read more


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