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The Undead Return in 'return of The Living Dead Part Ii' (1988)

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Starring: Michael Kenworthy, Marsha Dietlein, Dana Ashbrook, Thom Mathews, James Karen, Suzanne Snyder, Philip Bruns, Thor Van Lingen, Jonathan Terry, and Allan Trautman.

Directed by: Ken Wiederhorn.

Released: January 8th, 1988.

The agenda of “Return of the Living Dead Part II” is more brains, more fun, and one heck of a zombie-killing time. This sequel sports a far lighter and more comedic tone than its original 1985 predecessor. “Return of the Living Dead Part II” is pure comedy-horror, complete with all the cheesiness that comes with 80s horror flicks, including hot 80s soundtrack that is equally as good as the original.

Loosely following the original, “Return of the Living Dead Part II” is set around a small American town where some drum roll canisters accidentally roll off the back of an army truck and into a sewage underpass of sorts near a cemetery, the same type of canisters that contain the infectious undead specimens from the original film. Our hero here is a young boy named Jesse Wilson who gets tricked by the town bully Billy into getting locked into one of the cemetery’s buildings. Billy and his other bully pal come across the canisters and decide to open them. Big mistake.

Meanwhile, there’s grave robbers Ed, Joey, and his girlfriend Brenda who are intent on robbing the cemetery’s corpses for whatever expensive goods they may have left over on them. Ed and Joey (James Karen and Thom Mathews) are both portraying roles similar to the ones they portrayed in the original film… Read more


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