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'nightmares' (1983) Aren't So Frightening After All

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Starring: Cristina Raines, Anthony James, Lee Ving, Emilio Estevez, Louis Giambalvo, Moon Unit Zappa, Billy Jayne, James Tolkan, Lance Henriksen, Tony Plana, Richard Masur, Veronica Cartwright, Bridgette Andersen, and William Sanderson.

Directed by: Joseph Sargent.

Released: September 9th, 1983.

“Nightmares” was obviously inspired by the Stephen King film “Creepshow” which came out roughly a year before this film. Whereas that film succeeded in what it set out to do, “Nightmares” completely fails to accomplish here. “Nightmares” is directed by Joseph Sargent, a TV veteran, although I know none of this could possibly be his fault because he doesn’t really have a bad track record, the man directed the original “The Taking of Pelham One, Two Three” in 1974. 

“Nightmares” was actually planned for TV at first but the end result seemed too out of the ordinary for a small screen audience so they threw in an opening scene and shipped it off to Universal Pictures. I’m actually not surprised to learn that the DVD stock for this crap has gone out of print. “Nightmares” is a collection of four very weak horror stories that make “Creepshow” look like “The Godfather”.

The first story, “Terror in Topanga”, is one of the most boring and cliched story of them all here. There’s a murderer on the loose in a local California town, the news about the murders is all over the TV and radio, yet some idiotic chain smoker decides to take it upon herself to take a drive to the store (which is apparently very far from home) to get some cigarettes but ends up running out of gas. So she stops at a gas station and the attendant just happens to fit the description of… Read more


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