Tuesday, December 12

'the Dark Crystal' (1982): When Kid Films Were Actually Good

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Starring: Stephen Garlick, Lisa Maxwell, Billie Whitelaw, Percy Edwards, Barry Dennen, Michael Kilgarriff, Jerry Nelson, Thick Wilson, Brian Muehl, John Baddeley, David Buck, Charles Collingwood, Steve Whitmire, Sean Barrett, Mike Iveria, Patrick Monckton, Sue Wetherby, and Joseph O’Conor.

Directed by: Jim Henson.

Released: December 17th, 1982.

Long before the torturous kids films of today like “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” and “Chicken Little”, there were quality kid-friendly movies that were also tailored for adults to enjoy as well. When a kids movie has the capacity to immerse both kids and adults alike into its story, it is magical. That was the legacy of people like Jim Henson and Frank Oz, the directors and overall creators of 1982’s “The Dark Crystal”.

This is a rather dark family film (although not R-rated, of course) that uses a full cast of voice-over actors and good old animatronics, some of which were groundbreaking during its release and, to a certain extent, still are today. “The Dark Crystal” studies themes of good vs. evil, destiny, and conscience. It takes place on a distant planet in a galaxy far, far away, and in a different time. Sounds kind of like “Star Wars” doesn’t it? Not to worry though, “The Dark Crystal” manages to hold its own. 

The Dark Crystal has been damaged by a race called the Urskeks, beginning an era of chaos. On the bio-diverse planet of Thra, a race of evil bird/lizard hybrids called the Skeksis rule the world with an iron fist, a world that consists of various mythical and folklore creatures. Read more… http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2613993/the_dark_crystal_1982_when_kid_films.html?cat=9


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