Tuesday, December 12

'supernova' (2000) Can Explode For All We Care

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Starring: James Spader, Angela Bassett, Robert Forster, Lou Diamond Phillips, Peter Facinelli, Robin Tunney, Wilson Cruz, Eddy Rice Jr., Knox White, Kerrigan Mahan, and Vanessa Marshall.

Directed by: Walter Hill, Francis Ford Coppola, and Jack Sholder.

Released: January 14th, 2000.

“Supernova” was the very first science fiction film released in the year 2000 and it is quite a disappointment. Directed by Walter Hill, who is widely known for production work on the “Alien” films, credits himself as Thomas Lee on this picture. However, Francis Ford Coppola and Jack Sholder went uncredited for some reshoots and re-editing in order to help salvage the film. Too bad it didn’t work.

I have learned that “Supernova” was actually thought of back in 1988 by film director William Malone, it used a different title at the time, “Dead Star”; there were some paintings and designs from H.R. Giger and the whole catch behind “Dead Star” was “Hellraiser” set in outer space. It’s funny that they put it that way, considering the fourth ‘Hellraiser’ film, “Hellraiser: Bloodline” (1996), was actually set in outer space. However, “Supernova” is not by far a better film than “Hellraiser: Bloodline” or let alone anything close to being a ‘Hellraiser’ film period.

In “Supernova”, we follow a crew of six on a search and rescue medical starship, the Nightingale 229, in the 22nd century where a distress call from a mining facility in another galaxy seeks their attention (does any of this sound familiar to you just yet?). Upon arrival, the crew meets a mystery man (Peter Facinelli) with a smuggled alien artifact who puts everyone’s life in danger. Read more… http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2594515/supernova_2000_can_explode_for_all.html?cat=40


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