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How to Find Great Free Proxies to be Safe While Surfing The Internet

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What is a proxy ?

A proxy is a server that is capable of hiding your IP address from the public.Basicly when you use a proxy, you will not be visible to anyone on the Internet.

Why use a proxy ?

A proxy is used for various purposes , Mainly to open blocked sites by the network or ISP ( Like in China or Tunisia), getting around filters at school and work and changing your ip address.

How to find a good proxy ?

Here are tips to find some great proxies all around the Internet, 

1.Use Google & other search engines

This is the first thing you should do ! Google is your best friend to find good proxies, search for the word “proxy” or “proxies” and you will find tons. If your network blocks these words ( Like mine does ) try searching for the word “proxy” and add another word to it, such as “american proxy” ( or any other country) “access proxy” “free proxies” and any other combinations that will work, searching for “food proxies” won’t do you any good, so try not to add any random words that are not even related or you won’t find anything.


Many proxy owners don’t want their sites to be blocked , so they don’t put the word “proxy” in the site, instead they use some misspellings of the word proxy, so try searching for something like “prxies” “proksies” “prroxy” and such.

3.Use webmaster selling sites

Many proxy owners make proxies and sell them just after creation, so it’s a smart idea to search in the sites that sells proxies.

Here are some examples :

4.Subscribe to RSS and Email updates

A good way of getting your fix of proxies without the chance of getting the content blocked is by rss or email, you can subscribe to sites that have good proxies by email or rss (which you can read with Google Reader) so when they post new proxies you will be informed.


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