Monday, December 11

How To Choose A Fragrance On Your Moving Day

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Moving Day: How to choose a perfume that will help you stay fresh on this stressful day is not as hard as it sounds. Your moving day has finally arrived. This can not only be an exciting day but it can be a stressful and a frustrating time as well. Your emotions will be running wild with tension and fears.

If you have time to think about or even apply a fragrance I would suggest that you use a mild or light fragrance. I would stay away from all heavy smelling fragrances. If you have ever ran in a marathon you would understand there is nothing worse than the smell of sweat and a heavy fragrance. Remember you will be on the move.

I would suggest you use a mild vanilla scent or a light floral scent fragrance. I made this suggest because you would need to be very considerate of others. The main goal is to stay fresh. The light scent will help keep you uplifted and revived. It will also relieve stress.

In the midst of lifting boxes you want to make sure all your items are handled with care and arrive to their designation in one piece and at the same time you want to maintain a peace of mind.

It is even OK to light up some aromatherapy candles in your former home. This will also help you get through the move. A low volume of classical music will also enhance your surroundings. Enjoy your move.


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