Thursday, December 14

The Walker Dinner: The Barbecue

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Sally May and Wade came back down after getting out of their wedding close. Tables were now spread out with the chair from the wedding all around them. The Barbecue was under way. Buck had already been cooking before the wedding started. Some of the meats takes longer then others.

“Sally May, I hadn’t had time to talk to you before the wedding and all. But Jack has moved out of the foreman’s house. So we can move into it. Is that ok with you?” He asked.

“Oh is that what he wanted to talk to you about?” She asked.

Wade nodded. She said that was fine. She had always loved that house. Wades grate grand father had builded it. He made it almost the same sizes and the main house.

They walked around and everyone congratulated them. The twins were running around having a great time with some other kids their age.

Sally May was getting hot. She felt funny. But her mother had caught up to her.

“I hope your not mad about spring this all on you today.” She said.

“No mama, I’m very happy. It was very pretty. Everyone gets nerves about the wedding day. I am glad the wedding was beautiful and I didn’t have to stress or worry about anything else. It was a great touch to have my mother walk me down the aisle.” She told her mother.

She started to feel dizzy and swayed a bit.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” Her mom grabbed her arm to hold her steady.

“I’m just a bit hot. I’m- ” Everything went black.


When she woke up she she was in Wade’s truck headed to town.

“Were are we?” She asked.

“Doc wants us to meat him at his office in town. We will be there in a few minutes.” He said.

They arrived shortly and went in with the Doc. Wade waited in the waiting room while Sally May went back.

They Doc ran a few test and told Sally May she was pregnant. He took her back to do an ultra sound.

He went and got Wade. They came back in and Wade looked at her and said, “Whats going on?”

“I’m pregnant.” She told him as the Doc pored the cold goo on her stomach.

Ok see there? One, two, and three. Looks like your having triplets.” The doc told him.

“What?” Wade said.

It seam to sink in to them both. Wow triplets. They thanked the Doctor and went back to the Barbecue. Once they got back they told everyone. Who clapped and cheered. Th twins were so excited.

                                                               THE END


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