Sunday, December 17

The Walker Dinner: The Wedding

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“Sally May, there is someone here to see you?” Wade told her smiling.

“Wade, I do not have time to talk to anyone. I have so much to do and little time to do it.” She huffed.

“Hey, boss can I talk to you for a minute.” The foremen, Jack, walked in.

“Are you going to leave me outside?” Came a very familiar feminine voice.

“Angie.” She squealed.

The two women ran across the room to hug each other. After they pulled away, Sally May made introductions.

“Oh my goodness. You are so tense. Well, it’s a good thing I’m here.” She said looking at the magazine cut outs on the table, “Ok let’s start with flowers. Which ones are dos and don’t?”

“I don’t know. Their all so pretty.” She looked so upset.

Ok clam down. Let’s take a break. I hear there is a big cookout here tomorrow night.” She said.

“Yes. Well let’s go get the twins and go back to my moms.” She said.

After she walked out the room Angie turn and looked straight at Wade, “Now I know why she never dated anyone.”

Wade don’t know how to reply to that. Was she hitting on him?

“No I’m not hitting on you. I’m just stating a fact. So you know what she likes.” Angie bent over the table grabbing up a few pieces of magazine paper and handed it to him, “Here, now you know what to get. She is going to be happy.”


The next day Sally May was getting the kids ready for the big Barbecue. They left and when they arrived she was surprised to be ushered up stairs.

Ok what is going on?” She asked.

“You are getting married today.” Angie told her.

“What? That would be great but nothing is done.” She said.

“Look out the window.” Angie said.

Sally May went and looked out the window down to the side of the house. Her breath caught as every thing looked so pretty.

“How did anyone no what I wanted?” She asked.

“You make this tiny little mark on every thing you love.” Angie smiled at her, “Now, here is your dress put it on.”

Angie started getting dressed her self and then helped Sally May with her dress and her.

The wedding march music started and Sally May came down the steps and to the back door. Her mother was standing here.

“I know a girls daddy is supposed to walk her down the aisle but since he’s not here. I was hoping I could walk you down the aisle?” She asked with tears in her eyes.

“I would love that mama.” She hugged her mom.

Arm in arm she walked down the aisle with her mother to for a waiting groom. He looked very good in his tucks. When she reached him. Her mother took her hand and placed it into Wades hand. She gave their hands a quick squeeze and went to take her seat.

The preacher blissed them and started the ceremony. They said their I does and kissed. Every one went nuts. Clapping and cheering.

They walked back down the aisle hand and hand. They made it into the house. Were they stopped and kissed again. They went to change cloths for the Barbecue.


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