Wednesday, December 13

The Walker Dinner: The Town Parade

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“Mommy, we get to go to the parade today.” Shelly jumped up and down.

It was three weeks later and Sally May was not having any luck what so ever getting the twins to sit and eat breakfast. They were to excited about the parade. She wasn’t to worried about it. They would eat before the parade started.

A couple hours later they got to the dinner to check on things and have breakfast. She know Wade was going to be there soon and she was very excited to see him. They have been dating almost every night scene the night they made love.

“Hi Jose. How is everything?” She asked.

“Just fine, dear. How are you two little ones today?” Jose bent down to asked the twins.

“Fine.” They said together.

Just then Wade and his parents worked in. The kids jumped up and went to great them and pulled them over to were Sally May and her mother was sitting. She got up and pulled another table over. Wade moved over to help her. She smiled at him and he smiled at her. They set and ordered their food.

They made small talk until the food came. Then they ate. Now it was time for them to go to the parade. Every one went outside to wait. The parade would be coming down main street.

Wade and his dad hold up the twins so they could see. They could hear the sounds of the high school marching band that has lead the parade for many years. They saw them coming just down the street.

“Here they come.” Jacob yelled, clapping his tiny hands.

The twins got down as the floats were passing. To grab all the candy they could. They grad it up and shoved it down their daddies and Paw Paws shirt pockets as fast as they could.

After the parade had past and all settled down a bit. They went back into the dinner. They all decided to get dessert.

“Mommy that was fun. Are they coming back around?” Shelly wanted to know.

“No honey. Not until July. Witch is a couple months from now.” She told her.

Wades mother took the twins to walk up and down Main street to see if they fined any left over candy. To take their minds off being upset about the long wait for another parade. 

“So are you coming to the big Barbecue my family has every year?” Wade asked her.

“Yes. It’s in another month, right?” She asked.

He nodded. “I have something I want to give you.”

Ok. What?” She was confused.

He reached in his pocket and looked her in the eye. “I wanted to take you to dinner and give it to you but I can’t wait.”

No he couldn’t. Could he. Excitement build up in her stomach as she waited.

“I’ve had thought about this so many times. I love you. Will you marry me?” He asked her and opened the velvet box to reveal the ring in side.

“Yes.” The excitement seam to explode out of her as she answered.


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