Tuesday, December 12

The Walker Dinner: Sue Comes Home

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“Mom stop that, now.” Sally May told her mother.

It was two weeks later. Her mother got out of bed and over worked herself cleaning up her room. So they had to keep her longer then expected.

“I want to go see the dinner. I don’t want to wait for a wheel chair.” Sue complained.

“You took a bad tumble down the stairs and now you want to over do it. Do you want to stay longer?” She asked her mother.

“Hell no.” She crossed her arms over her chest.

Ok then. You heard the doctor. You can’t run around and do to much for the next two weeks.” Sally May reminded her.

The man got there with the wheel chair. Sally May rushed out ahead of them to get the car. She pulled up to the front door and got out to help her mother in.

“We go to the Dinner first. I won’t take no for an answer.” Her mother told her.

“Fine. But all you get to do is sit and eat something. Me to. I’m so hungry.” She said.

They got to the dinner and parked in front of the front door. She got out to help her mother out of the car and into her wheel chair. She pushed her in the front door were every one clapped and cheered for Sue. A welcome home banner spread out over head and half the town was there.

“Oh my. Is this all for little ol’ me.” Her mother looked shocked and happy at the same time.

She pushed her mother over to a table full of her oldest and dears friends.

“I warn you. Do not let her over do herself or she will have to go back to the hospital.” Sally May warned them all.

She went to place an order for her mother and her self. She was very happy to see so many people. Not because of the money being brought in but to remind her mother of all the love and care everyone in this town has for her. Sue’s mama had started this dinner so long ago. Every one eats here at least once or twice. 


Two hours later they were fondly home and Sue was wanting get up and walk around. Tired of setting. Sally May let her walk five steps.

“I know you hate it mom but only a few steps in the morning and a few steps in the evening.” She said the words even though she know it didn’t help any.

“I know.” Sue sounded defeated.

“You are a tough old woman. You know that.” She smiled and her mother, “That fell should have killed you and here you are fighting to get back your strength.”

Her mother laughed, “I’m not ready to go just yet.”

“Good. You just keep thinking that. I’m not ready to let you go just yet.” She hold back the tears that threaten to fall.  

“I love you, too dear.” Her mother said smiling.


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