Difference Between Job And Business

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Let’s hear some people who answered the survey about the difference about job and business. If you really think and think hard you can see the difference but if you think shallow you will say that they are the same. Read a Few Answer on this Question.

1> I might not be qualified to answer, but when it is part of the job, it is specific. A specific job within the business. Then the business is less specific, and includes all the specific jobs pertaining to the business.
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2> A job is something you do daily, the business is the company that provides you with a job.
A job is something you do – a business is a unit of corportion.

3>I am a teacher; because education is almost never referred to as a “business,” I would always say, “Grading exams? It’s just part of the job.”
If I were a real-estate agent, I think I’d probably say, “Showing houses? It’s just part of the business.”
I think the answer is going to depend on whether the person considers himself or herself to be in a business!

Now its your turn to answer it? Can you spot The diefference?


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