Romance pork chops

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The time for preparation is about 40 minutes. It serves two people but if you want you can double the ingredients and so you can make it for more people. I like this recipe very much because it is easy for preparation and it does not take much time.


2 park chops

Salt to taste

2 slices of nread

2 sour gherkins

80 gr ham

80 gr yellow cheese

Method of preparation:

Wash the pork chops, take only the meat and salt it. It is better to stew them but if you prefer you can also fry them. I personally prefer to be stewed. Meanwhile fry the slices of bread in the following way: put them into a mixture prepared from egg and 1 table spoon milk. Fry them until they get golden color. While the pork chops are warm, place them onto the fried slices of bread. Put thin slices of sour gherkin onto the pork chops meat and thin slices of ham. Grate the yellow cheese and sprinkle it onto the ham and gherkins. Bake the dish into a baking pan until the cheese starts to melt. Serve with a glass of white wine. Enjoy it!


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