Thursday, December 14

The Walker Dinner: The Reopening of The Dinner

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Five o’clock Monday morning. Sally May was at the dinner getting things ready for the reopening. She heard a knock at the front door. She looked up and saw Wade standing on the other side of the door. She walked around the counter and opened the door.

“What are you doing here this early?” She asked.

“You ordered a new stove. Mary called this morning and asked of we can come and get it. She knows your opening today.” Wade said pointing at the brand new stove on his truck and a couple of the ranch hands waved.

“Oh good. I wondered how she was going to get it here. So you do alot of deliveries?” She teased.

“No. She saw the twins and wondered of I know I had kids.” Wade smiled.

Sally May laughed as well. The men put the stove in the kitchen and took the old one out.

“So how did you talk your mother in letting you buy a new stove? She hates buying new stuff.” He asked.

“Easy she has no clue and you batter not tell her.” She said pointing a finger at him.

“My mouth is shut. She will know when she getting back.” He pointed out.

“Ya by then she won’t care. It will be done and over with.” She said.

The men finished up hooking everything. “See you back at the ranch boss.” They said and left.

“Oh ya’ll didn’t come together?” She asked Wade.

“No I thought I’d stay and help you today.” He said.

“But don’t you have work to do at the ranch. Your dads going to be mad.” She told him remembering how his dad hated it when Wade would spend so much time with her.

“No mom told him and me what I was going to do today. He thought it was a great idea. The kids went out to help him feed the animals with him and collect the eggs.” He told her.

She looked at her watch. Six o’clock. It is time to open. She went over and flipped on lights and the open sign. Like clock work some of the ranch hands around the area walked in. Not all the ranches in the area had cooks and they couldn’t cook for themselves. She started taken orders and answering questions about her mom. Her mom had low prices. She didn’t want to take all their money and they loved her food.

“Sally May, How you been?” One of the men, Jack, asked.

“I’m good. How you doing?” She asked.

“I’m good. I need to place an order for tomorrow for some lunches. But I need to pick it up in the morning.” He said.

She wrote down his order. As the day went on she had six large orders for the next morning so far. She was glad Jose, the regular lady that worked there, was going to be back in town tonight to come back to work tomorrow. Just as she was thinking about her, she walked in the door.

“Jose, Hi I didn’t know you would be back so soon.” She went around the counter to hug the older lady.

“Oh I was so excited to hear you had come back and getting the dinner reopened. I came as soon as your mother called. I also called a couple girls that started working here that you mite not know about. I hope you don’t mind.” She looked worried she did something wrong.

“Oh no that is fine. When will they be here?” She asked.

“Ann will be here at four and Becky will not be here until tomorrow.” She said.

They set down for a few minutes so Jose could help Sally May make up a schedule for the week. Sally May was getting the hang of everything again. She remembers doing a lot of this when she was a teenager. She has known how to run a business at thirteen.

Wade had left a while ago and she was getting ready to leave Jose in charge of closing. She wasn’t worried about it at all. Jose has been closing for years and Ann was doing a great job with everything. She said bye and left. She had a great day. She was very tired.


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