Thursday, December 14

The Walker Dinner: The Ranch

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“MOM.” Wade came in yelling.

“Boy, stop all that yelling your doing.” His dad said from the kitchen table.

“Come on. Come out side. You’re not going to believe this.” He panted.

“All right. Come on then.” His mom and dad followed him out side.

Sally May pulled in and stopped. She got out and opened the back door were Jacob fell out. Shelly tumbled out after.

“You two need to calm down.” She told.

“Where are they?” Jacob asked jumping up and down.

“Oh My. They are yours.” Wades mother told him.

“I know.” He grinned from ear to ear.

“Were is what, dear?” Wade’s mother asked Jacob.

“The horses were are you hiding them?” He was getting upset now.

“Their in the barn. Would you like to go see them?” She asked.

Ok.” Jacob said and ran for the barn with Shelly hot on his heels.

Sally May and Wade had to run to keep up. They showed the kids the horses and then went back up the main house.

They set down to eat. Jacob talked the whole time.

“I want a horse and a cowboy hat. All my own. I’m not sharing with her.” He pointed at his twin sister.

“That’s ok. I’m don’t want to share with you. I’ll get my own. Right, mommy and daddy.” She said.

“That’s a three year old for you.” Sally said. “You two need to behave and stop being demanding.”

They both looked down and ate the rest of their food. After every one ate they walked back out side. The twins had their heads together talking. Sally May helped Wade’s mother with the dishes.

“How could you not tell him he was a daddy?” His mother asked her.

“I called he didn’t want to hear anything I had to say. Should I have sent him a Father’s Day card?” Sally May asked.

“No that would have been tacky.” She said.

Sally May went out to the pouch were Wade was with the twins. The twins had their heads together.

“What are they talking about?” Wade asked her.

“My guess is how they can get a horse each from you or me?” She said.

Ok kids time to go.” She told them.

They said their good byes and left.


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