Chicken into a melon

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This is a strange and unique way to prepare your chicken in a new way. The recipe serves 4-5 people. The time for its preparation is about 2 hours. You can surprise your family with this unusual recipe.


1 kg and a half chicken meat

1 melon (about 2 kg)

2 table spoons cognac or rum

Salt to taste

1 liter water


Method of preparation:

You have to put the chicken into a sauce pan, pour it with 300 ml water and the cognac. Boil the chicken. After 30-40 minutes take the chicken meat and leave the chicken soup. Cut the melon into two halves and peel it. Remove the inner part of the melon. Place the chicken meat into the melon, pour with the chicken soup which is previously salted and sprinkled with ginger. Cover the melon with the second part and put it into a sauce pan, pour water which has to be onto the melon. Boil for about an hour. Then serve with any kind of salad. Smashed potatoes are also suitable for this dish. Enjoy the dish!


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