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How to Write an Outline

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     Outlines are written in the following format:







     Each letter in the outline is slightly indented to keep your notes prioritized. Main topics, like chapters in a book, are positioned in the first row, and represented by roman numerals. These are the most important and least detailed subjects. E.X. “Chapter 29- civilazation.”   

     The next row, capital letters, lists the main ideas in the section. The numbers describe the main ideas (capital letters) in detail. 

     If you are making an outline to study a test, it is very likely that everything written in the last two rows are irrelavant and should not be studied much, since tests are cumulative and don’t focus on fine detail. 

      This way of orginizing your data into something so simple and easy to understand or have others understand the key points quickly is ideal throughout your life. Colleges will actually pay students to outline the material learned in the classes and sell those outlines to their fellow students, who cannot remember everything said in class. Also, bringing outlines of your work or your background information to your boss is ideal and also very formal looking, and shows that you can self manage and have respect for your job. 

Example of an outline

I. 1973 Arab-Israeli war

  A. SAM site defences

    1. concentrated in such numbers that no plane could pass through them

      a. only took out 30% of Israeli planes

        i. other kills taken by radar guided guns

          -. the guns were soon proved to be outdated by the end of the war

     As the order goes down, the detail increases and gets less and less relavant.

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