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Example of a Persuasive Essay

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We all love money, and we all have different ways of making it. Selling space for advertising is a great way for you to earn that money, and for the companies that put up ads gain profit themselves from having more customers. A great place to put advertising is in schools. The money schools earn from it goes to improving their students’ education. The bulk of the funding a school gets comes from the state, and it is usually not very much. Shouldn’t schools find their own way to raise money if they can’t get what they need from the state?

Companies pay a lot of money for placing ads where a lot of people see them. For example, cafeterias already have ads posted from their food suppliers. The variety of ads could be widened into different subjects like school supplies, after school activities, and anti smoking/tobacco messages which already exist. A very common counter argument for having ads in schools would be that students already see enough advertising in their life, and don’t need more in schools. One possible solution can be to decrease the ads directing that age group, and place them in schools instead, where students indirectly benefit from them as the money goes into further improving their education.

Advertising gives end consumers choices about products they can and should buy because of the reasons listed in them. In a way, they educate us about what’s out in the world and what they have to offer. Anti advertisers would argue that schools are for learning, not for more advertising space. I found a great example to prove this statement wrong; names and dates excluded to keep the privacy of the ones being talked about. A math teacher in Long Beach needed money for the paper and ink he was using in class. He sold advertising space on his tests and quizzes, which were mostly paid for by parents. However, some of the companies found clever ways to sway students to use their products. If they satisfy the demands of the teacher and no one speaks out, no harm is done by those ads. To find more about this issue visit under the heading schools have to ad it up.

Advertising benefits many along the way. Students benefit because they can now get access to a cheaper or a more reliable product. Schools benefit because they get paid to put up those ads. Advertising companies benefit because they have paying customers wanting to see their ads helping them sell products. Finally, suppliers benefit because the advertisements made their products more popular. A lot of other sources profit as well, like the ones that supply raw materials to manufacturers, and utilities like power plants and delivery services. Down the road, a lot of people benefit from these posters, don’t you agree? I know from my own experience that when you hang paper in front of students, it will get torn up into shreds, therefore making the schools look cluttered and giving janitors more work cleaning them up. However, the ad companies can keep on sending more posters, which are very cheap to replace. There are already bulletin boards and other messages laid throughout schools so having a few extra won’t really matter.

In conclusion, advertising does nothing other than benefit schools, as long as they are kept school appropriate. Schools gain profit, students might get a little extra money they saved from buying a cheaper product, and also gain better knowledge about different products and brands out on the market. Companies also profit because of the new ad space. Money gained from selling that ad space goes into improving education for students, greatly helping them down the road in their life. In the end, all benefit so try to increase or propose advertising in your school to support your students.


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