How to Pick Out Your Favorite Boxed Chocolate

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A box of chocolates is one of the most delightful and favorite gifts to receive for Valentine’s Day (or any day, actually!).

Now, which delectable goodie do you start chomping on first? Do you have a preference for crème fillings or nuts?

Here are some guidelines to help in the quest for your chocolate selection!

Round, ball-shaped chocolates are usually truffles, a very rich chocolate-and-cream combo.

A ball shape with a “V” on the top usually has a vanilla cream center. If there’s no V, the filling may be another flavor, but will still be a cream center.

If the chocolate’s shaped like a rectangle with straight lines on the top, it’s most likely a nougat center within that chocolate.

Do you love almonds, cashews, peanuts, or any variety of nuts? Look for bumpy surfaces that have peanut-like protrusions. These will be the nut clusters.

If you like crunchy brittles or crisps, look for thin rectangles.

A mint chocolate is usually denoted by a round, flat thin shape (Occasionally, it may be a cookie).

Crazy for cherry fillings? Look for a round mound with a swirl or a “C” on top.

A caramel is usually a square chocolate that has a plain surface or a “V” design on top (Remember, the vanilla cream is always round).

Did you know that your favorite piece of boxed chocolate, particularly its type and shape, can also reveal some personality insights? Let’s look at a few, shall we?

If milk chocolate’s your fave, you tend to be nostalgic and sentimental (This reminds you of childhood). You’re also trustworthy; people find you comforting.

If you crave white chocolate, you’re very fair-minded, always seeing both sides (or more) of every argument. And whatever side you take, people will respect your decision because they know they can count on your fairness and common sense.

Passionate for dark chocolate? Then you have an optimistic outlook, no matter what the confrontation is (Keep your sunny side up!). Your thoughts are always directed toward the future, with an active mind and fertile imagination (You can see what isn’t obvious to others).

Now what shape are you drawn to? Did you pick out a triangle first?

You were BORN ready! You’re always on the go (and are bored by the mundane), always trying something new, and always involved in a project. And you’re ambitious, fun, and always keep people hopping!

Maybe you prefer a square; then you’re trustworthy, well-balanced, honest and true. You’re loved by family and friends alike for your dependability. You approach problems logically and are great at following directions. You also have traditional values and easily form lasting bonds.

Or was that round circle calling out your name? This means you’re outgoing, friendly and well-liked, fun-loving and are always trying to make others happy. You surround yourself with beauty and can see the beauty in others.

Perhaps the oval caught your eye; if it did, you’re ruled by your heart and make friends and decisions based on gut feelings or instinct. You have a large circle of friends whom you support both creatively and emotionally.


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