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Remember Me

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The start of the movie is not much important as much as it’s ending; the tail in between is the core of the story.

The movie’s first scene takes us back two decades to the year 1991 where a little girl’s mother gets killed at the New York Metro station. It happens that the girl’s father is a detective – the role casted by Chris Cooper. A decade later – where the girl Ally Craig is now nineteen, Robert Pattinson – playing Tyler Hawkins is a listener at the same university same class of Ally. Both are at NY University.

Tyler, the moody directionless 21 year-old is fond of books and works at the library. His philosophical acts, language, and behavior are really attracting. Caroline is Tyler’s little sister who paints well and also acts as someone beyond its real eight years age.

As close as Tyler to his sister, as far as he is from his father – the business man with multimillion company located at a familiar place to all NY citizens. The reasons of the tough relationship between the father and his son goes back to the fact that Tyler’s eldest brother Mike killed himself few years ago because of their father; that what Tyler used to believe.

The directionless moody young man; goes out with his roommate Aiden to have a drink where they witness a fight between some guys. Tyler instead to take an action that resulted in his set to jail by Neil Craig – Ally’s father after a tough quarrel between the two.

Aiden – and as revenge – asks Tyler to seduce the girl Ally so that they get even with her father. On the contrary Ally and Tyler fall in love. After that it takes few scenes to make Ally see that there was history between Tyler and her father. But after all, love wins.

Usually the story ends till this part; but the director was able to link the romantic drama into another direction trying to show us how Tyler discovers how much his father loved them all: himself, Mike, and Caroline.

As Tyler gets to jail for some careless action he makes; the father bales him and asks him to visit the layer’s at his company. There Tyler discovers that his father is using a photo album on his PC with pictures of his two sons and daughter. While Tyler is standing at the tower’s window staring outside at NY sky, and as it happened to be September 11th, 2001 along with the fact that he is just standing in one of the two famous towers; the tragedy takes place and Tyler dies there.

I was really shocked by the last scene, but was able to predict it from the middle of the movie although the director meant not to show the real towers until the last scene.

The most thing I loved about this movie is the script! It was edited in a way that attracts audience to values, thinking, and getting impressed. The little girl Caroline amazed me in the way she is acting; she looked so natural that gave the impression of he talent. I believe that we will see her starring some movies in few years.

Regardless of the event that Tyler died in the 1st of September incident; the fact that he died minutes after recognizing that his father do love him is a tragedy.

Who said life is fair after all?


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