How to Save Money on Books, Magazines and Movies

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The current economic downturn has been difficult for everyone. Discretionary income has dipped dramatically as Americans cannot secure new credit and are being laid off in record numbers. One of the best ways to manage the stress stemming from these conditions is to escape from reality every now and then with a good book, magazine or movie. Since we have less money to spend on leisure activities, how can we afford to go to the movies, buy books from a bookstore or purchase a magazine subscription? Well the answer is quite simple, go to your local library!

If you have not visited a library in a long time you will be pleasantly surprised at how times have changed. The library not only has the same great books as the bookstore, they have a lot more to offer. And the best news of all is that it’s FREE! That’s right; your tax dollars are at work at the library. Use it!

Besides books, the library has the latest issue of the most popular magazines and newspapers. From the New York Times to Popular Mechanics, you will be able to find an interesting periodical.

Most libraries also have an extensive movie collection that you can check out just like books. They even have kid’s movies! Did you know that your library has computers you can use for free? From watching movies to using the internet for school projects or job searching, the library is there for you. The library is also a great place to meet others. Book clubs and interest groups routinely use the library to meet and discuss their views. Most libraries have book readings and guest authors from time to time. They also have children’s book readings and art classes.

The library is also usually a polling place where you can vote at election time. Some libraries are used as a place to get recycle bins so you can do your part to protect Mother Earth. And finally, most libraries have a coffee bar so you can get a coffee or tea while soaking up the atmosphere. There is something inherently exciting about being in a room so full of knowledge. Now if only you had enough time to read it all!


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