Tuesday, December 12

Save Your Relationship!

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A new invention to remember your anniversary as a day before the big day for 10 seconds per hour will be heated in order to remind you that we should buy gifts, flowers, etc. The price is 760 dollars.

  • The real goal of marriage

  • How to stop fighting… and start arguing your way to harmony. (Yes, there’s a wrong way… and a right way to argue–where everybody wins!)

  • How to overcome the biggest barrier to communication

  • The 13 ways to get and stay connected

  • How to read a disconnect notice… and how to keep the connection turned on

  • How to cope with–and grow from–the bad times

  • How to get pleasure… by giving pleasure

  • Little things that mean a lot of damage!

  • How–and why–to break with the past

  • An exercise that will help your marriage

  • How a spiritual connection will help your marriage connection

  • When “two is company, but three’s a crowd.” (Why “triangulation” sounds like “strangulation”!)

  • Why love isn’t enough

  • How your differences can bring you closer together

  • The triple A’s that can change your marriage (not your tires!)

  • When beauty is NOT just skin deep

  • How to give and get R-E-S-P-E-C-T

You’ll discover exactly what to say and do to keep a relationship warm and loving. And you’ll learn the right way to save a relationship that’s gone bad… even if you’re the only one who wants to save it.


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