Thursday, December 14

How to Grow Your Hair Long And Luxurious.

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How to Grow Your Hair Long And Luxurious. So did you finally get that cute short sexy bob you always wanted and it doesnt look so cute or sexy. Or may be it is just way to short. Well here are a few tips to grow your locks long or just get them faster.

1. Wash your hair correctly: ((90% of women wash their hair completely wrong)) 3 Times a week    is all it takes to keep your hair healthy and clean. During these three times only apply    shampoo at the roots. Roots Only!! When you rinse the shampoo will fall to the ends. Shampoo    is harsh not matter how mild the bottle says the shampoo is. All shampoo is harsh on your    fragile ends.

2. Condition everytime you shampoo. NO exceptions. This time you are going to do the exact    opposite as you did with shampoo. Apply your silky conditioner to your ends. Only The Ends!!    Handle your ends as least as possible. This is the key to keeping your hair healthy.

3. Once you get out of the shower, do not twist your hair up into your towel.

Do Not scrunch your hair up into your towel either. And PLEASE Do Not rub your towel on your hair. This causes breakage and stretches your hair. ((Rubbing is the #1 Cause of frayed and split ends))  

Pat towel throughout hair.

4. Beware wet hair is very very very sensitive. Only use a pick or wide ((W  i  d  e)) tooth comb when combing hair. Brushes and teasing combs stretches hair. Again stretching is bad!!    

5. If at all possible Do Not blow dry. Let your hair air dry whenever you can. If you must blow dry your hair make sure to spray a heat protector on it.

6. Trim your ends once a month. If you keep your hair healthy enough try to skip a month and at    least trim your ends once every two months.

7. Eating healthy vitamins and minerals goes a long way. B-12 Puts hair growth into overdrive.  


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