Monday, December 11

Pigs can help to cure or save lives

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The company is a branch of the University of Leeds.  Managing Director Antony Odell of the company Tissue Regenix stated that they achieved to remove elements in animals tissue which might be rejected by the human body.  Therefore, anti-rejection drugs are not necessary which is a great plus. 

The company was founded in 2006 and has a main product of a vascular patch which repairs damaged veins from diabetes or smoking.  

At the moment they have clinical trials to receive Europe-wide approval.  Odell stated that the trials had been successful so far and hopefully they can market the product later this year. 

Regenix  next step is to produce a material to repair damaged knees.  This would be a great achievement to help many people who developed arthritis.  Especially young athletes and footballers who insured their knees and could develop arthritis at the age of 35. 

Furthermore. they found out the pig tissues can be used in repairing damaged ligaments and in neurosurgery.  Some of the technology is patent protecting the secret. 

Tissue Regenix trying to raise £4.5million to further their research and testing.  The company’s main investor is IP Group.  The Government also backs the inital research in Leeds.


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