Friday, December 15

Eminem's Not Afraid, Neither Should You Be!

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“I’m not afraid, to take a stand! Everybody, everybody come take my hand

We’ll walk this road together, through the starm, whatever weather cold or warm”

Those are the phenomenal lyrics to the new single entitled –Not Afraid- by Eminem. This music is just beyond belief, this is the type of music he is great at making. I found out about this song, believe it or not because of my kid sister. Apparently I haven’t been as plugged in as I should be, and for that I apologize to all of you my readers.

Eminem released the video for Not Afraid not too long ago, so I can’t comment personally on when I believe the album’s release date will be. But I honestly can not wait for it because Eminem has been a phenomenal knockout performer/musician for quite some time now. I believe he has made himself into being a music icon not only in the popular music scene but especially in the rap genre world. He is a fixture in music that we all have come to know, popularize, glamorize, and love. And just like Jay-Z, who I will also be writing an article about his music soon, but Eminem just like the great Jay-Z will probably never retire and continue to inspire and entertain us with their great music for years to come.

To me you can’t beat, now-a-days, Eminem or Jay-Z. They are just the two greats of our time right now!

There is no getting around it music fans. From what I’ve been able to scoop up around on the internet on Eminem is that his new album, when it does in fact release will be a heavy-weight contender for the number one album sales charts.

Because lets face it Eminem doesn’t just have fans he has a following! Eminem will be rocking and rapping on his new album with such duets as Pink and Rihanna. With Pink he’ll duet with her on the song “Wont Back Down”. If you ask me that’s going to be one amazing song with pink being the featured artist. Rihanna will sing, I’m sure, for Eminem on the track “Love You the Way You Lie”. I will be looking forward to hearing that song and how it plays out.

Overall I recommend that you purchase his album when it drops, and it will drop like an A-bomb on America. This has been another musically inspire review by yours truly, MatthewSE………….


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