Filled onion

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This recipe for the filled onion is very easy for preparing. It serves 4 people and takes an hour for preparation. The onion is very delicious and interesting for serving. You can use the filled onion as an appetizer or as additional meal to meat or fish.


8 big onions

4 table spoons rice

4 tomatoes

8 table spoons olive oil

Salt to taste

1 tea spoon red pepper

Black pepper powder


Method of preparation:

Peel the onion and boil it for 5 minutes into salted water. Dry it and take the inner parts of the onion with the help of a tea spoon. These parts you have to cut into small pieces, put into the oil and fry them foe 3 minutes. Then add the washed rice and the finely chopped tomatoes. Stew well. Add the salt to taste, the red pepper and the black pepper powder and the finely chopped parsley. With a table spoon fill the onions with the stewed mixture. Place the onions into a baking pan with oil and cup of water. Cover the baking pan with folio and stew into the oven which has a medium temperature. Stew for about half an hour. The delicious onion could be served with any kind of sauce. Enjoy it!


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