Monday, December 11


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Nature is beautiful and can be clean and have it’s natural resources put to good use. This world, our world, is full of pollution and toxic waste that we haven’t yet figured out how to properly dispose of. Each day we pollute the air in some form or manner, whether it be driving your car or burning something that isn’t meant to be burnt. This earth use to be so full of life and cleanliness until now. In this present state the ozone layer is being eaten away and we’re having oil leaks in the ocean that’s killing the creatures of the deep blue sea. Nature is beautiful but not if it’s filled with polluted air, dying animals and surely our extinction if we do not stop this. We should preserve nature, plant more trees, use more natural resources and to recycle so that we’re not using so many trees for paper and such. Animals are going extinct, some are on the soon to be extinct list as of this moment. If we don’t turn our ways now and save what’s left of this world and make it clean and beautiful again, whose to say that there will even be hope for the next generation?

Recycle, plant and try to use more natural resources to save our planet. Our mother earth. If you start now, others will see your example and move to do so themselves.

If you are concerned for our planet as much as I am, please click the link below for ways to save our planet!



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