Believe in Change

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It is not a new thing but it is the same thing.

On April 4, 1968 America took a very hard blow.  Why did it happen no one exactly did know.  Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about I have a dream.  And Jackie Robinson was the first on a major league team.  Malcolm X said by any means necessary,  and he was gunned down. Some people have been called names because their complexion is brown.  Rosa Parks was thrown in jail because she refused to give up her seat. Now forty years later everything has been pushed beneath. Barack Obama brought change into the world and became the first black president. Yet blacks are still struggling to pay their rent. When will it end how many blacks have lost friends. But we keep on hearing how it won’t happen again. Me myself cannot see how one race could suffer so long. Blacks are being talked about as if they didn’t belong. You let one thing happen while the nation is  in this terrible condition. In the schools they won’t even allow the children to mention. If the world only learned to live by the bible. And stop on acting like this is a new arrival. Everything can go as God has planned from the creation of man. I know you might be to young to even understand. It may not happen exactly as you would think. But it all will turn around because it is written in ink.


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