Make every night romantic

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Relationships tend to suffer from life.  When you come home from work, you are tired and would love to just sit on the couch and zone out the rest of the world.  If this is your normal nighttime behavior, you may want to hire a divorce lawyer now.  You and your spouse are headed down a disastrous road.  

The first thing you should do when you get home is kiss your spouse.  This simple little 5-second gesture tells your spouse “Hey, I missed you and I love you.”  It is an immediate endorphin rush and makes both you and your loved one a little happier.

Offer help with dinner.  Even stirring the food to keep it from burning is help.  Set the table, peel potatoes, nothing is too insignificant.  Just standing with your spouse while they cook shows them that you are there to support everything big or small.

Help clean up after dinner.  I would think that this goes without saying but a lot of people will jump up from the table and lunge for the remote.  There is more to life than TV.

When you are ready to relax for the night, after the kids have gone to bed, insist on a phone clause.  No phone calls after a certain time.  Be prepared to focus on your spouse.  Even if you are just sitting next to each other, make sure the focus is on “us” and not a text message.

Sit next to each other.   Once again a logical move but utterly disregarded.  Sit on the couch next to your spouse or sit on the love seat (that is how they got their name after all).  Touch is an amazing sensory tool; hold hands or curl up together to watch the nightly news, history channel or wrestling.  What you watch is not important, it is how you watch it.

Every night should end with a Kiss and I love you’s.  When you go to bed, with or without sex, you will feel fulfilled, emotionally, psychologically, and, if you were lucky, sexually.


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