Monday, December 18

Landing a Floating Job in a Sinking Economy.

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The national unemployment rate is at about 9.9%.  That means that out of 100 Americans, 10 of them are unemployed.  This number is daunting and depressing.  If you’re like me, on the hunt for a job to stay afloat in this economy, it seems nearly impossible to find a job.  However, in this article, I will provide you with tips that will help you seal any job.

1. Appearance.

No matter if you want to admit it or not, we judge books by their covers every day.  No matter what type of job interview you are going to, dress to impress.  If you are applying at low end places (no shame in that!) don’t just throw on your favorite blue jeans.  Put on a pair of dress pants (grey, black, brown, whatever) and pair with a simple, fitted short sleeve shirt.  Ladies, wear flats.  Have a matching purse that is a small size.  Gentlemen, TUCK IT IN!  There is nothing worse than a dressed up man without his shirt tucked in.  That being said, pair a belt (that matches your shoes) with the outfit.  

If you are applying somewhere with a business atmosphere, follow these same rules.  But ladies, pair a sweater with your outfit.  Also, put on heels.  Who can resist a woman in pumps?  NO ONE!  Gentlemen, wear a button up shirt, and a tie.  No jacket.

Now step back and look in the mirror ladies and gentleman, and believe that you look like a million bucks.  Would you sit down to interview yourself based on your appearance?  If the answer is still no, brush your hair again!  Ladies, pull it back into a sleek bun at the base of your neck.  Fellas, SHAVE!  No one likes scruff!

Dress for success, and you will find it.  😉

2. Communication.

Greet your interviewer with a genuine smile.  Be the first to stand and extend your hand for a handshake.  Make sure you have a firm handshake.  Show your confidence through nonverbal cues.  Be able to articulate exactly what your previous experience is, why you are qualified for the job, and why you want the job.  Sell yourself!  Tell your interviewer not why they should want to hire you, but why they need to hire you.  Explain that you are always on time, that you rarely take sick days, that you are a team leader and you work well with others.  SELL YOURSELF!

3. Follow up.

Always send a thank you note the following evening.  Personal touches will get you the job every time.

With these tips, now put on your best outfit, and go get that job!


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