No More Heroes

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They did not ask to be here, so please don’t let another child suffer.

I woke up this morning with something strange on my mind. It’s all a mystery how one could reside. God said let there be male and female be fruitful and multiply. Can you imagine or wonder why we have a gal with a gal and a guy with a guy. We were all created to be attracted to the opposite sex. So what is happening to our world I just can’t understand it. Would you ever tell God That we did it our own way. Remember to be careful of what you say! If you ever woke up in a strangers arms and couldn’t figure out why it felt so wrong. Where are the real men the one born to be strong. When you take on a spouse it’s until death do us part. And how many time have you seen kids in the park. With there mothers no fathers in site. All because the men are cowards and don’t fight. You should never bring a child in this world. Weather a boy or a girl: and walk away like you don’t have a care. Do we have any strong men anywhere? We are in a scary situation the worst in creation to thirst for someone with the same tools an embarrassment and an abomination. Children are depending on alcohol and drugs. When all that it takes is a smile or a hug. Just would like to know when the real men will be a stop to this. But this is the world we live in so we are doomed it’s finished.


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