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Determine The Nutritional Value of Food

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There are two different ways to determine the exact nutritional value of your food. You can read the labels printed on all packaged foods or you can research nutritional values on one or more of several good websites.

Look for a Label

Look the USDA requires white rectangular label on every food package you buy. The label situated on the side or back of the container. It starts with the words of “Nutrition Facts” written at the top in black-colored font. It will tell you the most necessary nutritional information about this particular food. If you want to the nutritional information for more than a few packaged foods that you combined, add the numbers in each category from the individual labels together.

Research Unlabeled Foods

You will have to work slightly harder to determine the nutritional value when you can not find a “Nutrition Facts” label on your food. At that time, connect to the Internet and open the webpage such as Then type the name of the food, what you are searching. For example, type “apple” if you want to know the nutrient content of an apple that you are about to peel and cut up for your child. From the food list, select the one that most closely describes what you are about to eat or serve and hit “Enter.” For example, you would pick “apple – raw, peeled” if you were serving someone one apple prepared this way.

The % Daily Values (% DVs) are the recommended amounts of certain nutrients that you should eat each day to stay healthy. These percentages are nutrient reference values of foods, and they show how foods fit into your overall daily diet.

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