Wednesday, December 13

How to Write Articles Under 20 Mins

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Writing articles is a skill that takes time to learn, you may not be the article writer with the best quality but you can learn to write them in the shortest amount of time. If you could learn that then you are on the right track to be best at writing. 

Write notes

Writing notes is the best way to organize your ideas. You get more and more ideas when you right them down you can also keep a notebook with you because you get your best ideas when you are not thinking about it. As soon as you get some idea write it down.

Be prepared

Prior to writing make sure you are comfortable you are not hungry not thirsty and you are sitting in a comfortable place. Also do something fun before writing it makes your brain more free and you can write longer in that way

Write as long as you can

First write all you can and keep writing until you can’t anymore. After that go over your articles and do the adjustments. You don’t have to write one article at a time, try to writ 2 or maybe 3 at a time. I think quality of the article depends on your mood and if you are comfortable or not.

Do it all over

After writing your article plan ahead and get some ideas for the next time the time between each time you write articles will give you time to get more ideas. These are the tricks that many people use.

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