Thursday, December 14

The Walker Dinner: The Twins

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“Is he mine?” He know before she said anything.

“What was the first guess? That he looks just like you.” She said.

“Why did you tell me?” He asked.

“I called and told you I had some thing very important to tell you. You said you didn’t care what it was you did not want to hear it. Remember?” She asked, waiting for the the other shoe to drop.

“Move over, big head.” Shelly poked her head out the window.

“I’m not a big head. You’re a big head.” Jacob pushed her back.

“Hey, stop that you two.” Sally May reached in and plucked Shelly out of the car and set her down. Then got Jacob out as well.

“I want you two to meet some one.” She told them. “Are you ready?”

She looked over at Wade. He couldn’t stop smiling, looking from one to the other.

Ok.” He said simply.

“This is Jacob and Shelly.” She said to him. To the kids she said. “This is your daddy.”

Shelly perked up, “Really, my daddy.”

“Hi daddy. You going to feed us anytime soon.” Jacob had that “feed me now” look on his face.

Sally May giggled, “He is exactly like you when him is hungry.”

“Oh okay. I’m sure Rosie is getting breakfast ready at the ranch. If you want to take them there?” He asked.

“We are going to a ranch.” The twins danced around them.

“Well, we have to now.” She throw up her hands.

Ok I’ll meet you there.” He said.

He went and got in his truck and drove away.


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