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Dungeons And Dragons- Adventure #2

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Background: Wilhelm maise is an amnesia-stricken king who has been taken out of power by the evil sorcerer Amar.

The adventurers have just finished the starting adventure and after returning to old man Jenkins in Harken, they decide to set out for Menethil, a town on the edge of the Nel Lake in search of more adventure. The town is a large town with a bustling marketplace. The PCs are forced to walk down the marketplace road on their way to anywhere, and on their way they are confronted by one Wilhelm Maise, an enthusiastic vendor who attempts to sell the PCs a useful but suspicious item: 

Almighty Clay   600gp

Use: apply item to any object and it’s magically sealed forever, until anti-almighty clay is applied.

“Sick of those magic bonds failing after a week of use? Tired of things coming apart at the most inconvenient times? Hi, I’m Wilhelm Maise here with a fantastic product: Almighty clay! Don’t use regular adhesives, you know they don’t work. With the green and white technology of Almighty Clay, alchemically bonding any two substances has never been easier! Just cut it like dough, knead, and apply. Even the strongest of ogres can’t break the bond.” Maise then gives the two pieces of wood he has just bonded together in front of the PCs to his ogre accomplice Mok, and then he tries sincerely to pull it apart, but is unable. “Most of the time I would say one tube for 600gp, but if you say yes now, then I’ll not only double, but TRIPLE the offer: 3 tubes of almighty clay for 600gp.”

  1. The PCs take the offer, and in the small talk made while the transaction takes place, Maise makes a mention of his products being stolen by the nearby infestation of Gnolls, and wonder if the adventurers could possibly help him out.

  2. The PCs refuse the offer, and Maise passes out right in front of the PCs; if they take him to the hospital, the nurse makes ominous comments on his condition, his mannerisms, and his recent moving to Menethil. He is okay, but unconscious for a time. The nurse also notes that he mutters “Darn gnolls…always taking my fantastic products…” and then he follows by a loud “Noooo!” She worries that it may be gnoll magic and that only the death of the caster will end the effect of the coma.

One way or another, the PCs are pointed in the direction of the gnoll cave, which is half a day’s journey eastward.  The PCs are informed that the cave itself is not altogether dangerous, but it is overrun with gnolls.

Start encounter. 2 room cave, 2 traps in one room, and several rats as well.

On the bodies of one of the head gnolls, the PCs find: 1000gp total, and another 1000gp in artifacts. They also find a half-charred note that reads in Goblin: Meet in Corp(‘rethar for your payment) there you will find Amar(‘s servant who will bring your money)

If Maise was unconscious, the PCs are contacted by an awake Maise and he let’s them know that he appreciated the help that they gave him. If he wasn’t unconscious, then the PCs run into him again. He notices the scroll and inquires about it. If the PCs show him it, he immediately recognizes the context, but doesn’t know how he knows, and offers to come with the adventurers.

Through a challenge, (Searching through the local library, searching the streets for information, etc.) or from Maise himself, the PCs can find out that the place is Corp’rethar a place of scorched Earth and the home of Amar, a member of the high council ruling over the land west of the dawnforge mountains.

Corp’rethar is 4 day’s journey northeast of Menethil, and there is no path. The PCs must make endurance, perception, Nature, checks every day. If the nature checks fail 2 times, then a random encounter of woodland creatures appears and jumps the PCs. The PCs CAN be jumped during the night. As the PCs come closer and closer to the actual location of Corp’rethar, they notice more and more barren Earth, and the trees begin to wane.

Once the PCs arrive at Corp’rethar, they come out of the forest to see a lone tower in the middle of a rocky field., rocky/aorpete/SPIRE.jpg

There are many big boulders lying around, and though the travelers are but 200 yards away from the tower, it still seems daunting a task to go the remaining way.

Wilhelm Maise            Human Bard

HP=27 Spd=5 AC=19 Fort=13 Ref=15 will=19 STR=10 CON=10 Dex=8 INT=11 Wis=14 Cha=18 diplomacy and streetwise=11

Daily: Song of defense-close burst 5 +1 to all allies’ AC; it moves with the bard.

At-will: Guiding strike- Cha vs. AC 1[W]+cha mod, and -2 to defense of choice//Cutting words- Cha vs. Will 1d8+cha mod (+5) and pull 2 squares.

Encounter: Shout of triumph- close blast 3 cha vs. Fort 1d6+cha mod. And push enemy 1 square, slide all allies in blast as well.

Passive: Seventh Sense- Maise can detect that his comrades are being attacked or in danger from great distances.

Lang=common, deep speech, Goblin

There is a patrolling pair of swordmages (human mage plus devastator template) + unseen servant (specter). If Maise is with the PCs, he notices them right away, and urges the party to hide behind the nearest boulder. If Maise is not with, then the party is seen and attacked.

Upon slaying the group, the amulet that one of the mages was wearing begins to flash rapidly and eventually springs forth the giant image of a head. The head appears to be just a head of an older, silver haired and flowing old eladrin. He speaks in a thundering voice: “Who has slain one of my patrols? You? You shall surely pay for this travesty!”

A. Should the PCs try to converse with Amar, they can convince him that they were jumped and that it was not their fault. In which case, Amar invites the party up into his chambers. The party may walk up to Amar undisturbed (MAISE DECIDES TO STAY BACK FOR HE FEARS HEIGHTS AND HAS A BAD FEELING ABOUT AMAR) except for a few smirks and evil eyes from the other swordmages that patrol the tower. When they arrive at Amar’s study in the top room of his tower, the party is invited to sit by a magically eating Amar. If they choose to sit, magical cufflings restrain them down while Amar monologues longily and half-entranced: “I had an older brother, once. He and I were the best of comrades; learning to set grandpapa’s curtains ablaze by day, and ghost stories to turn one’s flesh yellow in fear by night. He and I were inseparable. That is, until one day, when the Dawnforge recruitment came for him. He was taken away from my family and me and we were to never hear from him again. Only word we had received of him was that he was killed at the battle of Ymiron’ko several weeks later. They took the one thing I had in this world next to my studies and then left my entire family and life out to dry… You think I do not realize why you have come? You think I am that thick-skulled? Surely I, Amar, the Magical One is above such assumptions? I shall not release him from my power, you know. The crown shall be mine, and I will not allow the scum of the adventuring pile to ruin my chances at ridding the country of people like him!”

If they don’t sit, Amar still gives this speech, but does it less intimidating-ly and the PCs don’t have to get out of their restraints before attacking Amar. The magical restraints only last 4 turns after the speech, but they weaken every turn and athletics checks of DC 20, 15, 10, and 5 for each turn can break and become mobile again. A character who is restrained can still cast spells, but cannot melee.  The PCs soon realize he is too much for them to handle, then see the bottom of the next paragraph.

B. If they don’t choose to be diplomatic, then Amar is infuriated and decides to teleport the party to him minus Maise, landing them in his study, where he immediately engages the party, throughout the encounter, revealing his motivations and his plans for Maise. He is obviously too hard for the PCs to tackle by himself, but after they do enough damage to bloody him, he consumes the arcane energies around him and heals to full health. At this point, or the point at which death seems imminent for the PCs, a portal appears near the PCs.

The portal was opened by Maise after his bad feeling OR AFTER HE NOTICED THAT THE PCs WERE GONE ABNORMALLY LONG AND SENSED THAT THEY NEEDED HELP, and, assuming the PCs took the portal, they are saved by him as he closes the portal behind the party and seals it so that Amar cannot trace their magical footsteps. Maise has ported them to just outside the city’s limits of Menethil; a grassy hilltop in the middle of a meadow, and the flowers there are pink and red.

After some revelations by the PCs, or Maise (whichever needs to know more for the story to go on), Maise knows everything about his past, and tells the PCs about it:

-he’s the fallen king of dawnforge, Fallen only because Amar, being the brilliant spellcaster that he is, has cast amnesia spells on the king and his subjects so that he would be in a position to inherit the throne.

-that’s why he’s such a good bard (leader)

-that’s also why he’s so good at selling things

-He still knows of a few that would be loyal to him

-He takes the PCs to a horse-farm westward where he believes there is a subject there who has not been affected by the spell.

He takes the PCs directly to the front door but before he knocks, a sliding hatch opens and says in a grumpy voice: “what do YOU want?”

Maise answers: “We are but hungry travelers on a quest for a plate of justice and cup of mercy”

The eyes in the hatch grow wide and the hatch shuts only to be immediately followed by a Githzeral male opening the door and swooping up Maise in a great bear hug. “MY liege!” he erupts. “I thought you dead, like the rest of your council!”  (Zerth’s iron mind ability is what allowed him to be unaffected by the spell of Amar)

Maise and Zerth, as he is introduced reminisce momentarily and then the plight of the PCs is brought to zerth, and he but offers them all he has: a set of noble warhorses, and his services as a cenobite.


            Amar HP=181 bloodied at 90    Feyborn Eladrin Twilight Incanter

            AC 30 Ref 28 Fort 25 Will 28 Ini=+7 Perception+5 and low-light vision

            Action Point: 1       +5 to saving throws involving charm effects

            Fey step: (encounter, move) the caster can teleport up to 8 squares.

Mind blast: (close blast 3 recharge on 5/6) +12 vs Will 2d6+5 radiant damage and causes blindness until the caster’s next turn.

Binding bolt: (at-will ranged 20)   +14 vs reflex  1d12+5 and causes immobilization.

Longsword: +10 vs. AC and the receiver is slowed until next turn. 1d8+3

Teleporting bolt: (at-will ranged 20) +14 vs. reflex 1d12+5 and the target is teleported up to 3 squares.


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