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Sohan Qadri as a Prophetic Poet: A Revaluation of Aforismer

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Sohan Quadri’s Aforismer (Published by Ornnens Forlag, Denmark, 1995, pp. 64, ISBN 87 87 412 83 7) is a bilingual publication in English & Danish. No doubt, Qadri reveals his capacity for presenting themes marked by prophetic and sublime quality conveying an overwhelming interest and deep import to an individual soul. Such pregnant meditations and concise observations will cling to the memory. For example:

“The answer dances

when the questioner dies

in the question.”

“The only courage is

to watch and witness

the false face fall.”

“Know thy feet twice,

retreat a step-

to know thyself.”

“The talker

of blessings

is unblessed.”

In all these aphoristic quotations, we notice Qadri’s breadth of intellect. Aforismer has very high qualities of proverbial expressions written with great precision and clarity. Sohan Qadri’s eyes are fixed upon the sober enquiry of truth, and he has relied on being able to investigate his deepest intensities in quest for epiphanies. Aforismer is the poetic “exhibition of psychiatry at work”. The author has pondered deeply over ‘all this unintelligible world’ (Wordsworth, “Tintern Abbey”), and probed sincerely in the history of his own mind. This wisdom seems to have solved ‘the burthen of the mystery’ in such solemn lines:

“The conquest completes

in the non-become surrender,

for to become

is to become false

to be is just to be.” ( p. 49)

“I am a dot

in the silence

of the wise.” ( p. 57 ).

Qadri describing himself as “ a dot in the silence” leaves no doubt in my mind that he is influenced by Nada yoga and techniques of meditation emphasizing the great significance of “a dot” or pause during inhaling and exhaling the breath.

Sohan Qadri was born in Punjab, India 2nd November 1932; lived & worked (painting) in Zurich & Paris; held over 40 one-man shows in important galleries in several countries; Award in painting – Lalit Kala Academy (India); several interviews on National & International Radio & TV; conducts International Workshops on Aesthetics & Metaphysics.


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