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Don't Speak Geek? Here's a Survival Guide

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Geek Speak Survival Guide

Haxors: in-game hacks or cheats. Used to gain an unfair advantage over an opponent.

Pwn: Originally a mistype of the word “own,” it means just the same: to dominate an opponent.

Noob/Newb/Nub: derogatory term for someone who is new to a game/activity.

Teh: misspelling of the word “the” usually only used in a mocking fashion (teh pwnsaurus rex)

-z: A suffix added to virtually any word to make it sound cooler/to mock (epicz dude!)

ORLY?: usually accompanied by an owl with eyes wide open, this is used to sarcastically imply that the previous

statement was very obvious.

Yarly.: usually preceded by ORLY? This comment is usually used only as an “I’m unimpressed with your cliché


Srs Bsns: Mocking term for “serious business,” usually implying that one is taking a game/situation too seriously.

(I)RL: abbreviation of (in) real life

Aggro: used in MMORPGs primarily, it’s a term for the amount of hatred any one monster has for a player. Can

also be used to describe when people are angry with one another

DKP: Dragon kill points… an elaborate system of points used as currency on certain pieces of armor in MMORPGs

Facepalm: the act of being severely disappointed with someone, resulting in the placing of one’s open palm on one’s

forehead in shame.

Intarwebs: Mocking term for the internet.

“all your base are belong to us.”: popularized in the early 2000, this became a widely renowned meme meaning

“the game is over, I have won”

Leet: shortened version of “elite”

Lag: the choppiness or slowing of server-side reaction time one experiences when doing anything online.

OP: Overpowered (games) or Orignal poster (forums)

YTMND: “you’re the man now, dog!” website made solely for the mocking of others

LMGTFY: “let me google that for you” an actual website that plays a script allowing you to google something for

someone else.

SS: Screenshot (“SS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!)

Compy/Lappy: term of endearment; computer/laptop

-face/-cakes: suffices added to anything to sound funnier. (“roflcakes. You totally stompedface him.)

Wot/Wat/Wut: an annoying way to say “what?”

Fix’t: often seen in forums. A quote is taken of someone and then is changed, usually with intentions to mock, and

then the poster merely posts “fix’t”

Kewl: Cool

Cayoote: REALLY annoying way to say “cute”

Gimp: handicapped

Rickroll: to hyperlink someone under false pretenses but in reality, send them to the Rick Astley video of “never

gonna give you up”

Faceroll: when one can simply press one button to win a game, one would simply macro the button to every key

on his/her keyboard and then literally roll his/her face on the keyboard.

Lawl/lul: REALLY annoying way to say “lol”

/b/tard: a person who frequents the /b/ (random) forums of 4chan. (these people are the armpit of the internet)

Anon: equivalent to John/Jane Doe

Gl/gj/gg: good luck/good job/good game

Woot/wewt: originally meant “We Owned the Other Team,” now it’s interpreted to mean “wow, loot!” or just an

exclamatory remark meant for when something good happens.

Camping: to remain in one spot in order to get a lot of kills or maintain a certain spot in the game.

Trolling: being purely and non-discriminatorily antagonistic.

Griefing: using any and all in-game mechanics in order to cause another player grief/time lossage.

Wtg: Way to go!

WTB/WTS/LFG/LFM: want to buy/Want to sell/ Looking for group/ looking for more

GM/DM/PVP/PVE: Game master/Dungeon master/Player versus Player, Player versus environment

Ghosting: to use one’s ability to observe the game after one’s own death to help the teammates who are still alive.


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