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The Den of Evil

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The Den of evil has existed outside the rogue camp in the Frigid Grasslands for near two hundred years and though many a rogue have entered it for whichever reason it be (gold, purification, etc.), none have ever returned to tell the tale…Akara, the crazed sorceress in the encampment nearby overhears you and your companions chatting around the campfire of your previous adventures and barges into the conversation;

“So you think you travelers are a force with which to be reckoned? There is a place just ouside this very camp…

It is a place of great evil. Surely such powerful warriors such as yourselves wouldn’t shy away from a challenge?”

(Complexity: 1, DC 15)

(open dialogue for a chance to learn information)

2 successes: Akara lets the adventurers know that there exists a powerful pair of zombies there.

Alternate: Akara’s sister is revealed to have died there and Akara promises 300gp for proof of death and 500gp for the body of her sister. XP=1500

4 successes: Akara grants you her boon (+1 fire damage to all attacks for the next encounter)

2 Failure: Akara laughs at you and challenges you again mockingly to come back alive.

The Adventurers accept the quest and venture forth into the frigid plains, which are, ironically, not cold in a temperature sense, but cold in a manner that sends shivers down even a veteran’s spine. The party arrives at the mouth of a cave, and visibility inward is limited to a mere 3 feet in front of the eyes to normal eyesight.

D1 Rl(Perception DC 14)

Upon entering the first sublevel of the dungeon, The adventurers notice something unexpected: There are lit torches to either side of the door as they enter. A noxious odor pervades the room; It reeks of decay. The adventurers can only see 10 feet in front of them, even with the torch, but glimmering off in the distance appears to be a green puddle. As the first party member moves, a goblin warrior appears from the shadows flailing his weapon and charging for the person who moved.

(+1vs. REF)

Goblins: (Goblin warriors p.137 or Goblin sharpshooter p.137)

After the guardian goblin is dead, the rest of the room is illuminated: A puddle, wagon, chest and a lying zombie at the far end of the room become obvious to normal sight.

Puddle: (Nature DC 17 -2 per turn in it, no damage for passing through)

The puddle is not a puddle, but it is, in fact a small pool of glowing green acid with but a single fleshy and decaying hand reaching out as if it were crying out for help during it’s final death reach.

Wagon: (Streetwise DC 13)

The wagon appears to be a normal used wagon filled with soft dirt laden with broken bones. (Upon inspection: The Adventurers find at the bottom of the dirt a scroll with a legend of runic words the corpsefire!)

Scroll: (Arcana DC 15)

It reads “Do NOT touch the cursed one”

Corpsefire: (Chillborn zombie; reduce stats as necessary)

There lies an unknown zombie at the foot of some unreadable markings on the wall. The markings appear to be a simple script. (DC 10) Upon being inspected, corpsefire immediately stands up and attacks the adventurer. Corpsefire is a chillborn zombie (p.275)

Upon death, corpsefire explodes into a non-lethal fire. NO DEATH BURST

Loot DC: 10 you find a

Chests: (Streetwise DC 16)

All chests in this room are trapped

Trap: (+2 vs REF)

The chest springs open and hurls a large stone at the face of the opener. 1d8 damage


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