Monday, December 11

The Atom Bomb

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There is an agonizing decision that faces the nation in this moment: whether or not to utilize the full extent of the U.S.’s military developments. Though hundreds of millions of dollars were spent in the making of this weapon of mass destruction, the project , codenamed: The Manhattan Project, should not be used solely with this reasoning in mind. Nay, the cost of making a weapon does by no means justify one to use it without serious consideration.

            The Japanese army has shown itself to be an unrelenting force with which to be reckoned. Their peoples have all been trained for wartime defense, and their military has been conditioned to give even his/her life for the sake of the country, no matter the means. This leaves the United States of America with the only remaining option: to not only end this devastating war as quickly as possible through whatever means possible, but to exemplify the destruction that is possible and will be possible within the decades to come. Although it goes against all morals that one can retain as a freedom and liberty loving citizen of America, knowing all the information at hand, one can see no other option. This, along with the foresight of 2009 perspective, one simply cannot see any other option than to close the war (pardon the pun) with a bang.            

            With a Russian invasion nearly at northern China’s doorsteps, it would be in the Allies’ interest, if not the world’s interest, to finish this ungodly war as fast as possible and with as few American casualties as possible. Unfortunately, this inverse relationship can only be maximized with the use of such a weapon which thoroughly snuffs out the remaining morale of the Japanese army. While this may seem a bit tough to swallow, the other courses of action (a nuclear demonstration, and/or continued assaults on the Japanese mainlands) would prove to be just lengthier, more costly, and much riskier options than to just betting on the fastest horse: The Atom bomb.


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