Wednesday, December 13

Bad Things to Have Happen to You, And How to Treat Them!

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Torn ACL: Caused by a violent twisting motion of the knee or hyperextension of the knee. It is a fairly serious injury, removing one from even daily living from up to 3 weeks. It is associated with sports like basketball, football, and skiing.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Caused by an inflammation or swelling of the tendons in the canal. These tendons then put pressure on the nerve, and cause numbness, pain, and weakness. This is not very serious, but must be treated like any other injury and given proper medical treatment. Overusing the computer or other activities that involve hand usage are associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Pinched nerve in neck: The nerves in the neck somehow become pinched or inflamed by a disk slipping out of place. This can potentially be very serious; injuries of the neck usually are. This type of injury has no specific association with sports and everyone should be wary of it.

Shoulder dislocation: Caused by a violent forcing of the arm into an awkward position. The seriousness varies from case to case but it can be a very serious injury. The injury is associated with any sport in which one may fall, like being tackled in football.

High ankle sprain: Caused by an outward twisting of the ankle. This injury is to be considered in the middle as far as seriousness goes. It is usually associated with sports like football, soccer, and basketball.

Shin splints are actually a general name for pain at the lower leg. These are caused by inflammation of muscles, tendons or the periostium. If not treated properly shin splints can become stress fractures. Stay off one’s feet, but retain fitness through swimming, cycling, or working on upper body strength instead.


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