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How To Save On Your Electric Bill With A Green Energy Home

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To save on your electric bill while creating for yourself the green energy home is a smart way to save money while saving the planet. There are some practicle, surprisingly simple and inexpensive environmentally friendly measures by which you can achieve this objective. For convenience, I’d like to categorized them into three distinct groups, based on the usage of electricity with the intent of saving energy as much as possible. These are:

1. Energy saving power usage,

2. Energy saving technology,

3. Energy saving air conditioning and

4. Energy saving heating.  

Energy saving power usage is based on plugging into the power supply and turning on electrical appliances only as needed. Many consumers assume that by turning off and electrical appliance, power usage is terminated. However, it has been determined that as long as the appliance remains plugged into the power supply, residual electricity continues to flow. This inflates instead of helping reduce your energy bills! Therefore, for starters turn of electrical equipment i.e computers, television, miicrowaves, stoves, light bulbs e.t.c that are not in use and unplug them except for equipment that is required to remain plugged in. Keep the lights on in occupied rooms only and try to center activity in fewer locations as much as possible to reduce the need for turning on more lights than necessary. Most singles eat out; hardly do any cooking and refridgerate milk and canned foods which remain viable on the kitchen shelf. If this describes your situation, you can switch to powdered milk or creamers so that you can shut off and unplug the fridge, unless it is Summer time! For notebook or laptop users, use up the power charge on your computer battery as much as possible, say, till it shows “10% available” when you point your curser to the battery icon to the lower right corner of your screen before plugging it back in.

Energy saving technology has to do with making a switch from less energy efficient electrical appliances to more energy efficient ones, which save money on your electricity bill! It is smart to switch from desktop computers to laptops, which are comparatively more energy efficient. Make sure that your computer equipment is continually updated. The latest models of electrical appliances are typically more energy efficient than the previous ones. Use for the interior of your home, notably the walls light colors. They are better reflectors of daylight, thereby helping you save money on electricity by eliminating the need for additional lighting. Arrange the layout of the rooms of your home to permit deeper penetration of natural light into the interior, thereby helping reduce your energy bill.

Furthermore make the switch in the light bulbs of your home from the less energy efficient regular types to the more energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) types. According to product dose dot com, consumers can “save about $11 over 60000 hours” using the latter type in preference to the former! For your task lighting, use LED lamps at your desk instead of overhead lights as task lighting. Make the most of natural light through your windows and skylights (if you have them). Another great idea for a green energy home is to install energy efficient water heaters which provide hot water only as needed, ensuring that you save on your electric bill. 3. Energy saving air conditioning is on of the green energy home ways to save on your electric bill by minimizing reliance on the power grid as much as possible.

One option is to have potted plants inside your home. Plants take up the carbon dioxide that we expire while releasing the oxygen that we need. Consequently, they help to condition the air in the interior of your home and in the process reduce your reliance on conventional air conditioning (A/C). Another option is to ensure that the ceiling fans are set to direct the heat upwards in the warm/hot season to facilitate cooling and use them instead of the A/C whenever possible. In addition, keep the windows open with the blinds or curtains closed.

This helps cool your home by allowing in the cool air breezes while shielding out the heat. Furthermore, tinting your windows aids with keeping the interior cool by absorbing heat in addition to reducing glare. 4. Energy saving heating is about adopting energy efficient ways to save money on gas and electricity usage for heating in the cold seasons. One option is to ensure that the lay out of the rooms in your home permits easy penetration of heat and eliminating clutter from around the heat vents or heaters to aid the even distribution of heat.

Set the ceiling fans to direct the heat downwards to help keep the room(s) in your home warm. I highly recommend these smart strategies to every environmentally conscious home owner who believes in the use of cost effective green approaches to reduce energy bills while saving the planet. Additional information on green energy sources and solutions based on green renewable energy technology is available at EnergyDiscounts.JoinAmbit.Com They provide you suitable options for the green energy home and show you how to save money on gas and electricity.


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