Monday, December 11

Digital Camera Review: Nikon D40

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have been looking for a high quality dSLR camera to get for myself a while now, and have decided to go with the Nikon D40 for many reasons. It is a great camera for the beginner, which is what i am. I am interested in Stock Photography as a side-stream of income to go with Associated Content and therefore a good camera is a must! I have had many photos rejected due to technical quality, so Stock Photography, here i come!

The Nikon d40 is a good camera for the beginner because it has a nice price tag, along with the easy-to-use interface of the camera. Cameras that are much more expensive, for pro photographers, are not ideal for the beginner. Obviously, the starting photographer will want the cheaper one. The Nikon D40 has a nice megapixel count: 6.1. This is ideal because it is not low enough to prevent big prints, but is not high enough to jack up the price into the thousands. Some stock photography agency sites, such as Dreamstime, have a minimum Megapixel count in photos submitted. Dreamstime, the stock photography agency i am currenty with, has a minimum of 3 MP. The Nikon D40 is good for me because it qualifies as above 3 MP.

In sports photography, burst shooting is great because it lets you get lots of photos of a short action. The Nikon D40 can get 2.5 Frames per second, or 2.5 pictures per second, wehen put on that setting. The LCD screen on the camera is a nice, large 2.5″ screen, with .23 MP picture quality. You won’t see the full quality of your photos immediately, but you’ll geta good enough review quality to check if your photo is a keeper.The camera also has a 200-3200 ISO range, which lets you shoot in very low and very high light. By using the lower settings in ISO, the camera will have lower shutter speeds, and therefore, let more light in, and therefore, make the photo brighter than the low light in reality.

For the on-the-go photographer, the D40 is a great camera to have with you. It has in-camera ediing features, which let you edit your photos quickly to prepare them for sharing, printing, or simply having. It also is smaller and portable than the other Nikon D Models, making it much easier to use and transport. When you are on the go, a high capacity memory card, or SDHC (San Disk, High Capacity — >2GB), is good because it limits your stops to dowload to a hard drive. The Nikon D40 has SDHC capacity, while other cameras do not.


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