Friday, December 15

Love, Distance And Lack of Communication

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Lack of communication is a very sad problem that impedes your relationship with the person you love. It can be due to geographical distance, or due to the impossibility of any kind of relationship between this person and you, because they are too different from you, they belong to another social level, they are engaged to someone else, or it may be provoked by other obstacles that only you know. In any case, this distance is a serious complication in your life…

You have to be cautious and instead of imagining things, try to learn everything you can about the special person. Don’t assume that you can guess what they think and what they want based on your observations, because you may be totally wrong.

If you are in love with someone that is having a relationship with someone else, but you believe that they like you, be very careful!

You had better stay far from people that are already involved with someone else for many reasons, especially because you are going to suffer and feel too insecure in a relationship with them, if it really does happen in the end. You may desire to have this relationship with them and they may desire it too, but nothing may happen in the end, because they won’t separate from their partner to stay with you, or even worse, they may want to make you accept being a lover, and at the same time keep their old relationship!

Never steal someone from somebody else, because the same will happen to you too, in the future. You receive in life everything that you give to others. If you betray someone, you will be betrayed too. This is a physical law that has been observed by many people for many years, in all civilizations and historical times, but most people don’t want to believe in it.

If the distance between you and the person you love is due to other factors, besides the existence of somebody else, and you believe that a relationship between you two would be good for you, you have to make a plan in order to be able to enter into contact with them.

Don’t simply wait for a good opportunity, without trying to do something practical that would help you both have direct contact, because the ideal opportunity may never appear…

First of all, try to learn everything you can about them, so that you won’t be based in your imagination, but you’ll really know who they are. Then, make a plan that will help you approach them.

You’ll be helped and guided by the interpretation of your dreams if you write them down and you translate them according to the scientific method, because the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is a genius, and it will show you everything you want to learn about the person you love.

Be intelligent and use everything you have at your disposal in order to have a clear image of the situation you are in, because this is a delicate situation and you can be hurt if you are imagining things that are not real.

On the other hand, you have to learn how to be smart and develop your intelligence, so that you may be successful in life, instead of making plans based on your ignorance. The interpretation of your own dreams will give you all the answers you need to help you evolve. This way, you’ll have the constant guidance of the unconscious mind showing you the truth in your dreams, and helping you decide what to do in all cases.


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