Top Restaurants in Manhattan Beach, California

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Sun, sea and cocktails are the first things that pop up in one’s head as soon as Manhattan Beach is mentioned. But that is not all that this area has to offer. It has some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles and here are some of the best ones.

Beach Chinese Food To Go

314 Rosecrans Ave, Manhattan Beach 90266
At Crest Dr

Type of food: Chinese

Restaurant Atmosphere: There is nothing special if you go to the restaurant as it is just a hole in the wall. But that is not what this place is the best for. It’s the take-out that will leave you wanting more.

Service: Could not be any better. If you are eating in or out, the deliveries are fast and the staff, both at the restaurant and on the phone are really friendly. Food always arrives fresh.

Price: Really cheap considering the type of food you get. Make sure you are hungry before you order.

Pachanga Mexican Grill

1590 Rosecrans Ave, Manhattan Beach 90266
Btwn Market PI & N Redondo Ave

Type of food: Mexican

Restaurant Atmosphere: The place is very small but the atmosphere is great. It makes you feel as if you are really in Mexico.

Service: Very friendly and attentive stuff. The food is authentic and delicious and always arrives fresh out of the kitchen.

Price: Where else can you get a three course meal for less than $25?


117 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach 90266
At Ocean Dr

Type of food: Traditional American and Seafood

Restaurant Atmosphere: This is probably Manhattan Beach’s best kept secret. The atmosphere and location are great. The place adapts itself to however you want it. If you go there for a date, then it feels romantic and if you go with friends it can feel like the best party place.

Service: The staff is not very attentive and it seems like it is hard for them to engage themselves to smiling a little bit more. But they did their work and they did it well.

Price: It is a little pricy but you can rest assured that you will not find anywhere that is cheaper and serves the same quality dishes that this place does.

Corner Bakery Café

3208 N Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach 90266
Btwn 30th & 33rd St

Type of food: Delis, Desserts and Bakeries

Restaurant Atmosphere: It feels like any other deli shop that you go to. Most people just take-out from here but they have a few tables available if you want to drop in for lunch.

Service: Staff is friendly and alert and they always do their best to give you want you need. The food always arrives when it’s fresh and if you take one of their sandwiches you will be able to tell that it was just baked. A good suggestion is to try one of their soups and a dessert from this place is a must.

Price: Don’t worry about it, $15 can take you a long way in here.

Manhattan Pizzeria

133 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach 90266
Btwn Manhattan Ave & Ocean Dr

Type of food: Pizza

Restaurant Atmosphere: It is a small place with minimal decorations but as soon as you go in you will find yourself basking in that dough aroma that will make you feel that you are at home.

Service: Fast and friendly staff. The pizza is probably one of the best in Los Angeles. Eating the dough alone is already better than some other pizza places that you know about.

Price: An 18 inch pizza will only cost you $18.

Tomboy’s Famous Chili Hamburgers

1816 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach 90266
Btwn Harkness St & Aviation Blvd

Type of food: Traditional American, Burgers, Mexican

Restaurant Atmosphere: The best place for lunch, but they also serve dinner. It’s very simple in decor but that is not what they are famous for.

Service: Cheap and fast but the staff still maintains a friendly attitude. If you like juice and tasty burgers then go for their frisco combo. But make sure you are hungry otherwise it will be difficult to eat all of it. You will not be able to contain the freshness.

Price: A frisco combo which includes a burger, fries and drink for only $6.

Petros Restaurant

Type of food: Greek

Restaurant Atmosphere: As soon as you go in you will forget that you are in Los Angeles and think that you are in Mykonos. They have Greek folk music playing in the background. The tables are placed very near to each other that it almost feels like a huge one big table instead of individual ones.

Service: Probably one of the few restaurants that honors your reservation time. If you don’t have a reservation you should be prepared to wait a few minutes before you are seated. The staff are very attentive and alert and they keep coming back to ask you if everything is ok. The dishes are authentic Greek and there are a lot to choose from. No matter how bad the experience is, you will go back just for the food.

Price: A little expensive but this place should be a place that is frequented once or twice a year for special occasions, so it is not really a problem.


1017 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach 90266
At 10th PI

Type of food: Seafood, Steakhouse

Restaurant Atmosphere: Nothing really special. Just feels like any other restaurant. The only thing that was impressive is their well engineered background music. It is so well done that you can hardly hear what the people next to you are talking about.

Service: A little hasty and it feels like the staff is only there to do their job and get paid. But the food is outrageous, outrageously delicious and the dishes will make you forget about the staff. Try the calamari and sear ahi.

Price: Some dishes are a little over priced but on most of the things the prices are reasonable.


1000 N Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach 90266
at 10th St

Type of food: Cuban

Restaurant Atmosphere: The name of this place can be a little misleading and so does the atmosphere. It does not look Cuban at all except for the background music, which was really enjoyable. Cuban dishes are very rich in garlic, so if the smell bothers you, stay away.

Service: Excellent staff. You could tell that they love doing their job and making their patrons happy. The food is very authentic, just like how they do it in Cuba.

Price: Considering the huge and tasty dishes, the prices are under priced. To get an idea, a half barbecued chicken is only $8.99.

Lido do Manhattan

1550 Rosecrans Ave #G, Manhattan Beach 90266
At S Sepulveda Blvd

Type of food: Californian, Italian

Restaurant Atmosphere: If you like loud restaurants then this one is for you. It is not a good place to go with someone special or for a date, but it is an excellent place to go with friends or host a party.

Service: Most of the staff speaks Italian and that is good because you will probably need help in menu translations. They are very friendly and do their job with a smile. If you a specials fan, you will not be disappointed as they have different ones everyday and they are reasonably priced. Don’t go there and miss the soup, it’s one of the best soup you will ever eat.

Price: Very good prices and the check will not be a shocker.


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