12 Funny Images to Keep You Laughing Like Crazy

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Here are some images that will make you smile and keep your worries away even for just a while. Please don’t ask for more because I’ve got plenty of this stuff.

Grant’s Weather Forecasting Stone

This stone is one of a kind. It defies scientific method of weather forecasting.


Don’t Park In Front of Fire Hydrant

I don’t care if you own a top of the line BMW, the fact is you are in the wrong place and I need to do my job. Sorry my friend.


Calling in a Flood from Payphone

Hello, it’s cold out here. Can you hear me?


The Fortune Cookie Fortune No One Wants

I did not say it is a dog meat. Don’t look at me!


A True Hotdog

No comment.


Bringing Master Home from Bar

Hold on Master, we’re almost half way to our final destination.


A Man and a Sheep on a Motorcycle

Hey man, got a place for one more?


Quit Stealing Our Letters

Are you blind? Can’t you read it?


Emergency Phone Ahead

At this distance, you will land in the emergency room. That’s for sure.


Shin-Shattering Soccer Fun

I think I broke my knees. It hurts.


The 19th Hole

There is new innovation to the game of golf, the 19th hole. It’s tough and tight. It will take constant practice to sink the ball in.


The Infamous Vinnie John’s Incident

Wow, I can’t believe what I got here! This is no accident.


Please don’t ask for more because the rest of the stuff I have are for matured viewers only. I hope you like viewing these funny-looking images. Please send in your comments


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