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How to Stop Procrastination

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Procrastination can be a hazard to your work or education. When I was younger, I used to procrastinate. I wasn’t lazy but I was not interested in some of my duties, like studying for calculus or economics. They weren’t my favorite subject. After I had a business, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on economics and business books and some accounting. I guess my interested grew so much over time. If you’re procrastinating, it could be that you’re not interested in the subject at hand.

If you like it enough, you wouldn’t have procrastinated it. If you don’t like it, you can find ways to make it easier to digest and help you tackle it sooner. You can even delegate it if you don’t like it enough. Delegation is powerful if you do have people who can help you. You can delegate thing to your family, and children even if you’re too busy. If you can trade activities to spice things up a little bit to keep procrastination down, you should do so too.

First, you would make a list of what you’re procrastinating about and then slowly work on it. If you are procrastinating accounting, you should write that down and then write down the steps that you will take to tackle it. For example, you can write down the reason why you procrastinate accounting. You don’t like to work on it because it’s boring and it has nothing to do with your passion or major. You have to take it as a part of your study. Next, write down little steps to help you get on it. For example, write down the fact that you need to study so you can graduate from college and it’s a major requirement for your GE. Everyone has to pass it so you have to pass it too. If you don’t, you will have to retake it anyways so you might as well pass it the first time around.

Next, write down things to alleviate the part that you don’t like about it. No one likes to sit down and do accounting equations all day long, even if they want to major in it. Accounting is boring and it’s only fascinating for people who are doing business because they need to know it. For example, you can study it first and leave your favorite subject last. You can study for it at a local Starbucks with fun people and study with a shake. When you have positive reinforcement, you’re more likely to be more motivated and study it more. You can also study it with your boyfriends and also make it a priority to study it with him every time. He will be a motivating factor. He can also be your studying partner.

You can divide the work into little pile so you can digest it better instead of cramming for it at the last day before the exam. This is the best way to tackle boring subject. Always study boring subject in a fun place with a shake. You will feel better about it. You have to look at these things as necessary for your success and if you keep on procrastinating, you won’t be able to succeed.


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