Wednesday, December 13

How to Have Good Skin From Using Produce in Your Kitchen

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It’s unbelievable but you can get a lot of skin care done right from the products in your kitchen. I was able to get a lot of skin care done without having to buy a lot of skin care products. Now this is what we all want to hear. We want to save money and have great skin care products too. The best part is that the skin care products are fresh and they work well on your skin instead of having to use older product from the counter that might not be chemically fresh or effective anymore. I heard it from a doctor that old skin care product on the counter are a waste of money since it has been too long on the shelf and the chemical will not work that well any more.

This is why you should take advantage of all of those products, fruits and vegetables in your kitchen. You will save a lot of money and it will work well too. I’ve been using them for a year now and I’m very happy to have great skin, with fresh ingredients for my face, without blowing tons of money on it. I know facial care products could cost you a lot of money. If you can eat it then you can put it on your face and that’s the philosophy of using kitchen products for your skin.

A lot of them will be so much better than the cream that you will buy at the store. It will even work better and you will glad that you use them. For example, you can try to buy vitamin C from skin care products that have been sitting too long on the counter or you can cut off your fresh orange and use the fresh juice for your face. You will receive much better results, nourishment, plus it will only cost you about $1 for the entire week of supplies. Now this is something that will make the girls happy.

You can use a lot of products from your kitchen for your personal care needs. For example, you can use sugar and salt as facial scrub. You can use milk, honey, eggs, to condition your hair. You can use green tea extract for a facial mask or scrub. You can use strawberry, banana, orange, grape, kiwi, for a facial. You can use salt to calm down achy foot or herpes. You can use hot water to loosen pores. You can use vinegar to clean out your colon, giving you much better skin. You can use lime or vinegar to clean your skin or get a facial. Yogurt can be blend with milk and use as a facial. A lot of these can also be use to scrub your body or feet.


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