Thursday, December 14

How to Make Money Last Longer.

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step 1: starting

think what you want to buy. how much does it cost? how much do you make extra?

step 2: saving

when your done with paying your bills check how much money you have left for groceries. say $50, spend less than 20$ dollars at the grocery store and avoid bad food. ( like oreos or something like that )

have a gym membership? CANCEL IT!!!! you could jog in your neighborhood and to the grocery store. and you can take milk gallon bottle and fill them up with stand. sit ups push ups ect.

step 3: add up

in 1 month add up how much money you got (say $100). subtract that from the price of something you want (say $500). so $400 is you answer. at this rate you should finish in 4 months. too long? take # minutes in shower instead of 15 minute. your just standing in water more than half the time. unplug your tv at night or even when you dont use it.

step 4: continue

continue at this pace and you will get more money.

step 5: other stufff

here is a couple things that can help you save money…

  1. eat less

  2. cancel gym membership

  3. cancel your home phone if you have a cell phone

  4. use a bike instead of car

  5. dont buy stuff you wont use in a month

  6. dont buy a lot of clothes just cause it “looks pretty” over $17 dont buy it!

  7. shoes under $40

  8. wait till a game lowers it price

  9.  use paper again and again

  10. and finally dont use a lot of water! 

p.s. comment on what you think can save $$$


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