How to Get Over Him

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How to Get Over Him
He broke your heart in little pieces and now you don’t have the power to get out of this agony. Nothing makes sense without him. There is no more reason to smile.
If this is how you feel like I got good news for you. Time hills everything. Can be a short time or a long time, it only depends of how much you want to recover.
A broken heart is in a way worse than a physic sickness because there are no pills for it. You cry yourself to sleep and in the morning you wake up with tears. Everything reminds you of him. This has to STOP!
A change of look can rise your moral, because if you look good, you feel good. Also some women start making sport after a break up. This doesn’t help just your heart ache but in the same time helps you stay in a good shape.
Don’t let yourself any time to think about him. Work more than usually to occupy your mind.
In the free time get out with your friends and flirt with other guys. This will make you feel attractive and realize that life is not so bad after all.
Don’t call him!
Even if you need to talk to him, to hear his voice, don’t do it! This will only make you feel worse. The more distance you take the easier will be to get over him.
After a while, if you feel a bit better, start a new relation. Having someone new it is the easiest way to forget an old love.


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