Saturday, December 16

How to Have Better Skin by Using Less Makeup

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You can achieve better skin with lesser makeup. Less is more according to me. Some people think more is more but that’s not the case when it comes to makeup. You have to use less makeup so you can have good skin. You can also save more money by not buying a whole lot of makeup, products to wash it off, and products to correct the problems that it gives you. You will need to tone down on your makeup. Good skin can be achieve with lesser makeup. Skin problems come from makeup damage, sun damage and time. If you can control makeup factor then you should to keep your skin looking great at all time.

First, you will need to control your foundation. Foundation can really clog your skin and give you terrifying skin problems. This can be very problematic. You will need to control your foundation usage. Foundation clogs up your skin and they can make your skin hard and pale over time if you don’t use it. This is why you should avoid foundation at all cost. Foundation is never good for skin anyways. You should use only some mineral powders and avoid foundation. Plus, it’s expensive to use foundation at all time. You look older with foundation anyways. The average person just doesn’t need it. You will look younger and fresher with less makeup.

Next, you will need to wear sunscreen or moisturizer underneath your makeup to keep your makeup from clogging your pores. If you wear sunscreen, it will protect your skin from the sun and you will end up with better skin. Also having a layer underneath your skin will give it clogging protection from makeup. The less it clogs, the better it will be. When you get home from work, you should also wash your face so that you can get all of those dirt off of your face. Sleeping with makeup on will cause your skin to be clogged and damage pretty soon. Clogged skin is not that pretty. When you’re at home, you should never wear any powder. If you don’t need to wear makeup then you shouldn’t wear it.


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